A Message To High School Girls

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Dear young, high school girl,

I know you probably feel so grown up. All you want to do is look older, be able to nail that contour and smokey eye, and try finding a fake id. But please slow down. Live out your innocence and childhood as long as you can. None of the guys around you right now in high school care about you. They only want one thing from you. I promise. I watched it happen to most of my friends in those four years. I’m blessed to have avoided that type of emotional attachment at that age. Stop partying, stop the drama, stop not caring about your grades and bragging about it. Don’t be an asshole to that nerdy guy, because I guarantee you will be running after him after he is accepted into Detroit Mercy Dental School and that hot guy throwing bush parties right now is still trying to land a part time job at 25. You don’t realize how important it is to smarten up at your age and actually focus in school. What you do now defines your whole life. I wish I could go back and change how I handled situations and my naivety. Don’t put yourself in situations that will affect your mind set for the rest of your life. Be true to yourself, stay close with your parents and the rest of your family. You don’t know how long you have with them. I look back on some of my partying nights and wish I had stayed home with my dad watching documentaries instead; he would have kept me safe and kept me from being a puking drunk mess that night. You are 15, not 23. Stop trying to look and act that age when you are no where near finishing an undergrad and in a serious relationship that may become more any day now. Skip the makeup, heart breaks and serious decision making for as long as you can.

A 22 year who wishes she was 15 again <3



since a few people (like 3 of you) are taking this article the wrong way I just want to clarify. You can go out and have fun and get good grades, its called balancing and thats what I did growing up, but I am making a point to still maintain a strong relationship with family. Also, I am not saying to be nice to “nerdy” boys only because of their income one day… I am saying be kind to all (that was just an example because it’s something I witnessed). Also high school relationships can work out, but at that age don’t go rushing looking for a boyfriend just to have one. I do believe in true love and if you find it in high school, thats awesome :). But many girls just date to date and have their young hearts broken. Lastly, you can wear makeup! Heck, I did. But sometimes I see so many girls in my sisters grades trying so hard to resemble Kylie Jenner and others, and its sad because they have natural youthful beauty. I don’t want them to try looking like someone older or with plastic surgery. Its best to be your beautiful self. Hope no one took anything offensively.