CP’s TBL | The Ultimate Travel Bucket List And Guide To The World

Hello angels!

Since I love the idea of travelling and definitely think I should have been born and raised on an island in paradise (thx mum), I have recently decided that all I want to do is see the world and experience different cultures. Since that costs money (and I don’t have much of that) I decided to start a bucket list for the future for Brandon and I because literally all we do each day is discuss parts of the world we want to see. It’s hard to keep track of the all the amazing places we hear about or see somewhere on social media, so I told him I would find a way to gather all of the places we want to visit on my blog so they are here forever to pick from for when we actually do go on holiday.

This is now a category on my blog that you can find under the “Travel” tab and it is called “Travel Bucket List”. (CP’s TBL is a short form and stands for Christina Petrovski’s Travel Bucket List to make these posts easier to recognize and find). Each week I will be posting and researching beautiful places in the world, hidden gems, and straight up tourist locations we want to visit one day. We have vowed to at least travel to two new places in the world each year (if we can) for the rest of our lives so lets see how this goes! Hope you guys stay tuned on this part of my blog and can’t wait for you to see the places I add onto the list! Feel free to comment on any recommendations and don’t forget to subscribe in the side bar to get updates on my posts! Much love xoxo