Honolulu/Waikiki Travel Diary: Day 1 & 2

Hello everyone and welcome to my Hawaii Travel Diary! This diary entry is from our time in Honolulu and Waikiki beach area during Day 1 & 2.

Day 1 – dumbest cab ever…

On Tuesday we landed in the beautiful Honolulu Airport and began our adventures. The flight was long and dreadful and super confusing from the time changes. We flew from Toronto to Chicago, then Chicago to Honolulu. I was so relieved when we finally landed.

Our first day was exhausting so when we arrived at our condo we laid down right away and then went for a walk towards Waikiki Beach. We stopped at a place called Tropical Tribe and grabbed smoothies and Acai Bowls for a bite to eat. Sooooo good. After that we headed back to our little condo and got dressed for hiking because we wanted to see Diamond Head… this is where it got fun..

We didn’t have a car rented since we were only in this area for less than 24 hours before our next flight to a different island so we were going to try using the public transit. I have NEVER been on a bus before because the town I’m from is out of boundary for my cities transit service so I got a car immediately upon having my license and am used to the freedom of a car. We asked multiple shop workers for help on what bus to use and after waiting around half hour and going to different bus stops we gave up and hailed for a cab.

This is where it gets even more fun..

The driver seemed SICK at first… not like ill, but super chill and helpful. He was laughing with us and giving us all these suggestions and is obviously a local so knows pretty much everything there is to know about the island. Brandon and I immediately grinned at each other in basic agreement that we liked this guy. We started the long expensive cab to Diamond Head. I even asked for his number so we could call him after for a ride back to our condo and so he gave us his card. When we got to Diamond Head, we paid and got out of the cab at a turn around where many other cab drivers were waiting and talking to each other and the young man working the entrance booth shouted out to us that the park had already stopped allowing visitors in for the day. We immediately were bummed out… we had just spent so much money getting here and the park didn’t close for over another hour and a half. The driver was like “omg soooooo sorry come back in” but just didn’t not seem that sorry at all. I can’t blame him, but being local shouldn’t you know that last call for visitors was 430? It seemed that way when every cab driver waiting started shouting out “HE KNEW IT WAS CLOSED HES SCAMMING YOU!” “HE SHOULD TAKE YOU BACK FOR FREE!” “HE DID THIS ON PURPOSE DON’T GO WITH HIM!”… Brandon and I stood there awkwardly at this door as the driver looked around in panic and quickly told us to get in. Such an awkward situation. We got in hoping we could gain his trust back.. and instead he tossed the meter back on and began charging us again for our way back… a–hole.

We had the driver drop us off right in the midst of Waikiki in the insane Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Kate Spade, Prada, etc… shopping area where rich, blonde mothers with their Gucci Soho Totes swarmed the perimeters. We were dressed for hiking and did not fit in at all but we continued along knowing there is a beach entrance coming up. We hung out at the beach and enjoyed the stunning sunset and began our search for food since all we were thriving off of was blended fruit with dried coconut toppings. We found a burger placed called Cheeseburger I believe (don’t know how they came up with that) and had dinner and pina coladas (grossest ever, it was pure rum). The fish tacos were bomb though (those are my shit) and we went back to the apartment afterwards and cozied up and went to bed. Not so successful day, but not complaining.. we are in Hawaii after all.

DAY 2– bluest water ever…

This day we woke up at 630am and damn, I have never felt more responsible in my life. Little did I know this would be my routine the next week. We had a flight to catch at Honolulu airport to Kauai at 1:29pm and we wanted to make the most of the day and actually see Diamond Head this time. We started our walk for breakfast to Tropical Tribe only to learn it wasn’t open yet so we found an even better place in the Hilton Plaza called Lanikai Juice and OMG it was amazing. Best bowl I’ve had in my entire life. I got the Pitaya Bowl and I seriously recommend. Afterwards we headed over to Diamond Head and actually figured out the public transport this time and made our way there (photos below… it was awesome).

Diamond Head was seriously a must see. I must say, I am out of shape and couldn’t even breathe that well going up, but I survived and it was so worth it. The water from above was a stunning teal and we found a helicopter landing and got great pics (then got kicked out by security… oops). We made our way down after and took the bus back to our condo, packed up and grabbed a cab to the airport. On to the next adventure…


Landed in Honolulu


The sunset at Waikiki Beach
View from our condo
Waikiki Beach
Acai Bowl at Tropical Tribe


Waikiki Beach
Diamond Head
Diamond Head
Diamond Head


Pitaya Bowl at Lanikai Juice
Diamond Head
Diamond Head
Diamond Head


View from Diamond Head

xoxo Christina