How To Spot A Jealous Friend

We all have friends who we at times get completely frustrated with. It’s often hard to  consistently be on the same page as a friend, but sometimes its the same friend over and over… and over again who is upsetting you. I’ve found myself constantly debating over whether or not the friendship is worth it because no matter what I do, I can never make them proud of me, wanting to see me, etc. I didn’t want to force this person to want to spend time with me and want to see me. I wanted a friend who reciprocated the same amount of effort I put into the friendship. The important thing to remember is to never blame yourself for the lack of true “friendship” from your friend; they may just be jealous. Sadly, but true, this is quite common. Here are some things that may show you have a jealous friend:

1. They never compliment you

A jealous friend will rarely, or never, compliment you. Instead they will try to insult you and make it appear as if it was meant to be a compliment. Asking them if they like they way you did your makeup or hair, etc, will normally result in a “It’s okay, but I wouldn’t have maybe added so much eyeliner.. I don’t know”. Complimenting you will only make themselves feel worse about themselves, so don’t expect it. And this isn’t implying they should lie to you if they truthfully don’t enjoy what you’ve done, but you can tell when they genuinely just don’t want you to be happy with yourself.

2. They won’t like or comment social media posts

Liking your photo just won’t happen with them because God forbid they add one more like to your picture. I’ve noticed that they will avoid commenting or liking any photos but will elaborately write paragraphs on peoples’ who actually don’t even care about them, as a tactic to make people like them. This actually makes me laugh really hard because it sounds ridiculous and very 2016, but true friends do support each other via social media and honestly, this is how.

3. They are never happy for you

As much as they try to sound excited for you, they can never even fully fake a smile when something is going great in your life. From school, to work, to your love life, they will never be happy if opportunities arise that will exceed what they currently have going on in their life. They want you to be doing okay, but not better than them. The minute something exciting and awesome happens in your life, they will find a way to rain on your parade and embarrass you for even being excited in the first place.

4. They don’t support your dreams

No matter what you want to do, or be, they will laugh at it, not care about it and not support you what so ever. Even if the support is sharing a business page, handing out business cards, coming to watch a recital, or quizzing you for a big admission test, they don’t care and they won’t do any of it for you in hopes you will not succeed.

5. They won’t make sacrifices for you

If my friend needed a ride to the airport, a place to crash, money to borrow, etc, I would help them to the best of my ability. This person turns you the other way because helping you would only allow you to have an easier life and thats exactly what they don’t want.

6. They talk about you behind your back

At this rate, why are you even friends? A true friend doesn’t do this and when you hear they are insulting and ridiculing you behind your back, its obvious this is a person with their own insecurities that you can’t trust. It’s about time to finally call it quits on this person.