I Didn’t Change; I Grew Up

If you’re in your twenty-somethings, it’s quite possible you’ve heard the line “you’ve changed” or people have hinted at it in some way. They’ve jabbed the joke that you’re practically married, you never go out anymore, you’re like a grandma, or you’re always m.i.a. When I hear these things I laugh because when spoken they’re meant to sound bad, but really… they sound fantastic to me. I didn’t change, I didn’t vanish into thin air; I’ve grown up.

Practically married? Well yeah. Have we forgotten we are now at the age where getting married is actually quite common? My boyfriend is my best friend and partner and we plan on being together so most things I do, I love to do with him. Trips? I want to see the world with him. Events? I want to experience them with him. Should you lose all your friends in the process? Absolutely not. I’m with my boyfriend often but still make effort to see my best friends and do things with them. I would just personally rather go to Hawaii with my boyfriend than go to Vegas with the girls is all.

A night out? Sure. Downtown EVERY weekend on Friday AND Saturday? No way honey. I did that when I was 19 and my bank account was physically exhausted. I like to call what I do “hibernation” meaning I go out once in a while when it’s warm and then stay indoors the rest of the year. Joking, but seriously I don’t care to go to the same bar every Saturday and see the same people I haven’t spoken to since Grade 12 graduation. They aren’t actually that excited to see me, they just had one too many vodka bombs. Plus bed is warm and free. I choose bed over tight dress and heels any night.

Next: Im not missing in action. I’m working on my goals. Im trying to achieve the career I want. I’m trying to pursue my dreams. I’m trying to get into grad school. I can’t be available for 4 day long sleepovers anymore or calling sick into work because we got too drunk the night before. I need to work hard now, so I don’t have to work hard later. Now is the time to better my future. I pulled away from people who didn’t help me better myself. I cut contact with people who didn’t believe in me. I surrounded myself with people who motivated me. I may only have a few friends now but quality over quantity always.

The twenty-somethings are all about seeing which friends will be with us a lifetime and wanting to watch netflix in bed over pounding back shots in the bar (lets me real though.. sometimes I crave going out so yeah I’m going to throw back vodka the odd time here and there…). Nonetheless, this is the transition into adulthood. We all kinda suck at doing it, but it’s happening before our eyes slowly and its mistaken for the negatively spoken “you’ve changed” accusation. We all grow and learn differently and if you’re one of the ones who have “changed” sooner than the rest, have no fear, the rest will eventually catch up and have board game nights in with you.



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  1. PeculiarPorter

    This post is exactly how I feel. I completely agree with you sometimes you want to go out sometimes you just want to relax. There is nothing wrong with either option and people shouldn’t knock you for going or not going out. Great post.

    xo Logan

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