The Many Uses Of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil took the world by storm in the past few years and I’ve been obsessed with it for so long so I’m surprised I haven’t blogged about it sooner? This product is the most VERSATILE thing EVER. It amazes me how it works for literally everything, and for the those scent-irritated people, it has no smell what so ever… well at least in my opinion.


Here are the things I personally use coconut oil for:

1. Makeup Remover

Brands sell expensive cleansing oil to help breakdown your makeup. This is a pre cleanse and its used to help make washing your face easier since the makeup is already removed. I was tempted to buy this stuff until I realized coconut oil does the exact same thing. Simply put a bit in your palms and rub in between then begin rubbing all over your face in circular motion. Gently rub around the eyes to get rid of eye makeup and once finished, rinse with warm water then proceed to normal face washing with a gel cleanser.

2. Moisturizer

Coconut oil is very moisturizer especially for sensitive and dry flaky skin. My skin is super dry, I don’t get oily whatsoever so coconut oil is perfect for when i want soft dewy skin. I also use it for my legs so they look luminous and on my lips so they don’t crack and peel.

3. Cooking

Coconut oil is healthier compared to other oils so why not use it for cooking. It works just as well (never have noticed a different) and it doesn’t leave your food all greasy.

4. Hair Treatment

My hair is super dry and frizzy so once in a while, after I shower, I will rub coconut oil all over my damp hair and then twist it up in a top knot. I leave it on for a few hours while I watch movies or edit videos, etc and then rinse it out or I’ll even go to sleep and rinse it out in the morning. I like to add shampoo to it when rinsing because I do have a lot of hair and if I miss some it can look greasy, so the shampoo helps to prevent that.

5. Oil Pulling

I’ve only tried this a few times but oil pulling is starting to become a really popular teeth whitening method. There are many small companies starting up using social media as their main platform selling packets of flavoured coconut oil that you swish around in your mouth to help “pull” the oral bacteria and in turn help whiten your teeth. These companies charge a crazy amount for their product when you can swish regular coconut oil in your mouth from a $10 jar and achieve the same results.

5. Shaving

This goes hand in hand with the moisturizer but coconut oil works very well for shaving and getting a really close shave at that. I prefer this over shaving cream, which I truthfully never buy anymore.

6. Exfoliant

Lastly, I like to put coconut oil in a zip lock bag and add ground coffee to it to make a body and face scrub. This really exfoliates the skin but leaves the silkiest feel on your skin afterwards from the coconut oil. Highly recommend. The coffee helps to tighten and firm your skin and the texture is perfect for scrubbing away rough skin.

You can find coconut oil almost everywhere, from online to any grocery store around you.