Three Weeks In Australia

Today marks exactly 3 weeks since we landed in this beautiful place! Brandon and I landed in Australia on February 16th and it feels like its been forever. We are still adjusting and getting settled because moving across the world to Brisbane was a BIG change but we are loving it here none the less.

Driving on the opposite side of the road is something that drives us both mad. The driving here is crazy and terrifying and I’m glad I won’t be driving at all during our stay. We have just been taking Ubers everywhere because its 1/3 of the price of a cab here. We took a cab once and definitely will NEVER ever be taking one again. The cab companies here are disgusting both in service and price. If you guys want to try Uber use my code “christinap6514ue” for a free ride ๐Ÿ™‚

Going clubbing was an interesting experience here. People are rude compared to back home in Canada. I had about 6 drinks spilt on me without the person apologizing and most times without them even turning around to make eye contact. Most people smash right into you while drunkenly stumbling around and keep walking. Just so irritating. I was not that drunk yet to be chill with drinks spilt on me left and right. ANOTHER thing is the new law that was passed where you can’t have shots at the bar after midnight…. we both HATE this rule as I only do shots when I go out normally and we head down to the club for 11:45 ish so this just ruins everything. Oh well I guess. Not a super big deal but just a big bummer. Other than that the clubs are beautiful in Brisbane and there are a ton of stunning rooftop bars to drink at with a stunning view of the city.

The weather here is insanely beautiful. I feel like I’m a tropical island every day. It is very very hot and was hard to cope with at the beginning but I am used to it already and have learnt that most days I will not be wearing makeup outside because it will melt off in an hour. It’s so hard to find a dryer here though for clothes as most people just hang theirs to dry and I know this is so “naggy” of me but I hate waiting for clothes to dry and I hate the stiff feeling left on them after they are dried outside. Once again though, NOT a big deal.

One good thing is that I am a candy freak and eat way too much normally and here in Brisbane, finding the candy back home is pretty much impossible. They have Australian “chocs and lollies” here but none of which compare to my sweets back home so I have been eating a lot healthier since moving. Restaurants here also have way healthier menu items available. When going out to eat, the dining is completely different most places since I am guessing the waitresses do not make tips. One place, for example, that went to, you walk in and find a seat and grab a menu from the bar. Once you are ready to order you go up to the one bar and order your food and grab cutlery and they give you a Wait Timer Buzzer thingy (idk) and when it buzzes you go up and grab your food at the bar again. There was a separate bar for drinks that you can order and pay for there. They also have self serve water almost everywhere so there really is no service from a waitress at all yet the place appears identical to an upscale restaurant. Very different from what I’m used to but I enjoy it!

We checked out Gold Coast for a day which was beautiful! I have always dreamed of going there so it was lovely to see in person finally. Super convenient that it took only 45 min to get there on train. Loved that.

Brisbane has been good to us so far. We have many trips planned and upcoming so stay tuned to see vlogs and photo diaries of those ๐Ÿ™‚ We just wanted to get permanently settled before flying away. Here are some photos of our move so far (warning: a lot of food pics haha). Hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to subscribe in the side bar for updates ๐Ÿ™‚

Love you guys!