The Truth About Living With Your Lover

Everyone always said moving in with your significant other would be completely different; you would realize things about each other that you didn’t realize before, your habits may irritate each other, it would add more stress, etc. I also heard good things like that it feels as though you’re having a slumber party every night with your best friend and so on. Here are my thoughts now that Brandon and I have not even just moved in together, but moved across the world together:

It’s Not Different At All. Well at least not for us.

Maybe this is because we pretty much were living together since we began dating. We were friends before becoming romantic so we knew each other well when it got to that point. At the beginning of us dating we had a 36 day straight sleepover… that’s dedication. It was essentially a lot of Mario Kart, Fifa and Netflix but regardless, we were together 24/7 literally (the only time we were apart was really just when we went to work, and we would visit each other then anyways) so being together in the same house doesn’t feel any different nor irritating being around one person so long. I don’t get sick of Brandon and Brandon (hopefully) doesn’t get sick of me.

Being gross in front of each other? We were at the level immediately as well. I have friends who won’t go number 2 at their boyfriends house…where on the other hand… we have competitions. Living together hasn’t changed our strange and gross level of comfort with each other. It’s actually made it more fun because on days off we can lounge around in pjs all day with our teeth unbrushed. Gross. I know.

Bad habits that annoy me? None. I knew all of Brandon habits in the first month of dating since we were together all the time. He doesn’t like to do laundry and I don’t like to cook. He likes to cook and I like to do laundry. So any habits that were bad that we both had were resolved with the other’s love for it so we don’t have anything to argue about or annoy us after getting home from work. We both clean up after ourselves and we do the dishes together each night; I wash and he dries. We make everything a team activity and it works well that way.

Living together has not added any stress other than paying rent and bills now. I lived with my parents before hand and paid all my own bills except rent so this was a change but we have both our finances in one account and we both work so there’s no reason it should be stressful. We don’t spend stupid money and we work together to make sure our finances are in tact so BAM no stress.

I absolutely love living with my boyfriend. He’s my best friend so everyday is so fun together and just feels like a crazy adventure. Everyone’s experience is different. I’ve heard stories of girls moving in with boyfriends only to realize they are slobs and leave the toilet seat up (LOL sorry but it’s funny). I guess we all have different experiences and I was lucky enough to not endure any negative experiences with this new move in my life.

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