Floral Boho Vibes

So even though I’m in Australia and winter is pretty much here…. it’s still warm and if not, warmer than back home. Welcome to Australian winter hahah. One thing that does suck though is the pricing of clothing here. All the Australian boutiques charge around $80 even for a simple blouse and with our travel plans and new apartment… going on a shopping spree is not in my budget.

Cotton On has been SO helpful while living in Australia for staying on a budget. Brandon and I are both obsessed and honestly do 90% of our shopping here. They have great sales constantly and even without their sales, their prices are fair and remind me of back home. I snagged these sunnies and floral skirt for $15 each and I’m obsessed. This skirt is so comfortable and I’ve probably overworn it already and its new. I’m loving the floral print on it because it feels so islandy (is that a word?) and tropical because it has a slit down the middle and flows out. This can be dressed up or down (I’ve already done both) and it looks great either way!

Skirt: Cotton On

Sunnies: Cotton On

Top: Forever 21

Earrings: Lovisa


  1. Wilma

    You’re such a beauty hun! 💕 Loving the new design!

    1. christinapetro93@gmail.com

      thank you !! xoxo

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