The Best Products For Soft Lips

My lips used to be constantly dry and cracked. They’ve been this way forever (even back when Lip Smackers were the coolest thing to have). I’ve tried so many lip products in my lifetime to get mine looking soft and voluptuous because I mean, who wouldn’t want that? Sadly, I came to see that not every lip product would work or do what it promises to do. I saw this first hand with big brands that everyone raved about but did not help my lips in the slightest. Now that taking care of my skin and my lips has become a huge part of my life, I’ve tried pretty much EVERY product out there (okay… an exaggeration but I promise I’ve tried MOST) and I finally found the best working stuff for you guys and I am so excited to share them with you! I hope this post helps you and please comment below if any of these have worked for you as well.

Lush Lip Scrub

I’ve been using this scrub for years now and it still is hands down my favourite. I use the bubblegum flavoured one as pictured above and I do this three times a week before bed to take off any dry dead skin and leave a fresh soft surface.


Paw Paw Ointment

I think only Australians will know what I am talking about here but this stuff is a LIFESAVER. I am stocking up and bringing a ton back with me to Canada for sure. Paw Paw is just Papaya I believe and this ointment is like vaseline but more oiler and just gives your lips this wet and moisturized feel. It’s amazing. I use this multiple times a day and the brand pictured above is the best kind I have tried to date.


The Body Shop Born Lippy

This stuff is another favourite of mine. I use the watermelon flavour and its soooo nice. Its very smooth and comfortable and adds the slightest bit of colour (I use the lightest pink one in the photo). I used this in my most recent Youtube tutorial if you want to head over now and watch 🙂


Sun Bum Chapstick

These have been staple in my purse for a while I have pretty much every flavour and they rock. They are so different to a normal waxy chapstick and they melt like coconut oil on your lip, they also taste amazing (I am currently licking the mango one off my lip while typing this haha).  I love that they have SPF 30 in them as well so these are my go to for vacations.


Vaseline Lip Therapy

Lastly, my Vaseline lip therapy is extremely thick and smooth. This helps my lips for when they’re extremely chapped or dry and I need something extra strength. I also like to use this on my lips to make them look a bit bigger while still keeping them moisturized.