Where To Properly Highlight

Highlighting has swept the nation. This is by far my favourite step in my makeup routine and any tutorial I film EVER. It makes you look like a glowing goddess and looks healthy and smooth on the skin. I feel incomplete without highlighting. Many people don’t know that not only does highlight go on your cheek bone for that blinding POP, but you can glow all over the body too.

There are multiple places on the face to highlight. Essentially, you want to highlight all the
“high” points of the face. I always begin with the cheekbones and I bring the product up to my temple as well (right where my eyebrows end). I go crazy at this point and use a lot of product because I love a good glow. After that I like to highlight the bridge of my nose and a use my finger to dab a bit on the tip of my nose as well. To complete the face glow, I like to brush the highlight across my cupid’s bow before putting any lip product on and if I am feeling some extra highlight, I brush a bit a few inches above my eyebrows.

Now on to the body. As you can see below in the photos, I’ve got some highlight coming from the shoulders and collarbones. This is exactly where I highlight. I dust some highlighter across my collarbones, at the top of the cleavage and a generously, in circular motion, highlight the front of my shoulder. This part of my FAVE. I love how glamorous the shoulders look when highlighted. And thats it! I don’t use highlighter on the rest of my body, but instead if I want a nice healthy glow, I use an illuminating or bronze body moisturizer (you can use the Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer since my favourite Victoria’s Secret one is discontinued).