Ultimate Makeup Starter Guide For Beginners

Sometimes I forget that not everyone is makeup obsessed like I am.. I always just figured everyone is because I’ve always been so into it… starting from when I was a little girl and stealing my moms makeup to now. I normally post tutorials and blog posts about beauty hoping I can add more makeup experience into people’s lives and then I realize after checking my mail and speaking to some of you that a lot of you have NO idea what I’m talking about and own like 2 simple beauty products. Common questions I get are “I have never owned foundation so what’s a good one to begin with?” and simple things like that. I figured to help the girls who just aren’t into makeup completely, have no idea where to begin, or just know the basics, I would create a simple guide to what every beginner should keep in her beauty bag!

Since this is for beginners, I will try to do the BASICS, as well as CHEAPER or DRUGSTORE options. These won’t be the BEST products you can get on the market, but a great product for the price.


  1. You need a Beauty Blender ($30). I hate to say you “need” something.. but honestly this is a MUST in your beauty bag. Use this to apply foundation and concealer and make sure it’s wet before (for some reason, a lot of people are unaware its meant to be damp?).  I also recommend having a buffing brush for thicker foundations but if you’re not CRAZY into makeup, a beauty blender will work well for you for all foundations. 
  2. A good blending brush, bronzer brush and highlight brush are essentials. You can find all of these at bhcosmetics.com. I would recommend just getting a brush set from there, I’ll link one here ($15.74) that would be great to begin with. Really good brushes are very expensive but if you’re just starting out or not looking to spend a lot of money, these are amazing for the price and are the same ones I started with and still use occasionally!


  1. Foundation. I always use the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation ($5.99). It is my drugstore favourite and I highly recommend for every makeup beginner or for anyone looking for a cheap everyday foundation. I like this more than a lot of my high end foundations! Depending on your skin type you can either get the Dewy + Smooth version or the Matte + Poreless one. If you’re looking to spend some more money and wanting a high end foundation, I would opt for the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation ($39.00).                                                                                                                      
  2. Concealer. I love using the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer ($37) but it is a high end concealer and not a necessity. To start off with, I would recommend the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ($6.99). This one has great coverage but is super affordable and very easy to blend out. 
  3. Bronzer. There’s many good affordable bronzers out there. If you’re looking to buy a high end one and have the money to spend, I recommend either the Benefit Hoola Bronzer ($51.00) or the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer ($30.00). If you want something affordable and just as good, I would recommend the Physican’s Formula Butter Bronzer ($14.95) or the Milani Baked Bronzer ($9.00). Both give such a beautiful and natural tan look.
  4. Blush. I never buy high end blushes because they all work pretty similar to me. The Maybelline Fit Me blushes ($5.99) are perfect for a makeup kit, as well as the Essence blushes ($5.10). Both are very cheap and beautiful on the skin. Blush is essential in your daily makeup regime because it adds natural flush and colour back to the face after the foundation took all the natural colours out. It adds more depth to the face and makes you look more alive. 
  5. Highlight. There are tons of good drugstore highlights but if you want a really good highlight palette I would invest in an Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette ($40.00) because the quality is amazing and it will last you. If you can’t afford or don’t want to spend the money on a palette, the Wet n’ Wild Highlights ($4.99) are beautiful and SO affordable. 
  6. Primer. I don’t find this absolutely necessary for beginners but if you are interested in trying out primer or just having a good but affordable primer I highly recommend the Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer ($13.95). I am currently using this one and I like it more than my high end ones because it really makes the base of my makeup feel perfected and keeps the foundation on for so long! I also would recommend getting a pore filler like the Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer ($39.00) or Benefit Porefessional ($31.00) because they are AMAZING, but this is only if you want to really get into makeup. These just fill in and smooth out your pores so I put this product on my T Zone where I have big pores. Definitely not a “need” though.                         
  7. Lipstick. I wouldn’t spend a ton on lipsticks at all. Any drugstore lipstick is more than okay. I don’t really wearing lipsticks too much, as I love liquid lipsticks but many people find them drying and hard to apply. For regular lipsticks, I would recommend the Essence Longlasting Lipsticks ($4.70) because they are cheap and my favourite drug store ones!                   
  8. Eyeshadow palette. There are SO MANY eyeshadow palettes that are stunning and beautiful quality. BUT they are pricey so if you want something amazing and affordable I would definitely get the Colourpop Yes Please Palette ($16.00) or any of their other palettes or shadows. They are amazing quality for the price. So blendable and pigmented.
  9. Mascara. I have only 1 that I highly recommend and is affordable. Hundred percent get the L’oreal Telescopic Mascara ($9.99).                                                                                
  10. Eyeliner. For an affordable eyeliner I always recommend the Essence Eyeliner Pen ($5.10).  I’ve gone through so many of these. They’re amazing for the price.                                                        
  11. Face Powder. I always set my foundation with face powder that has extra coverage and I only use drugstore ones so I would definitely say to get the Maybelline Fit Me Powder ($12.49) because it’s affordable and gives a nice, flawless, matte look to the face while providing a lot of extra coverage. I love it!

And that concludes this post! I think these are great basics to have in your makeup bag and can help with any type of makeup look you are going for. They are all affordable and easy to use!