Last Minute Gift Ideas For Everyone

Christmas is around the corner and in my latest Youtube video I shared some of my Christmas wants in case it helped you to pick a gift out for someone last minute, but since not everyone has the same taste as me I promised you guys a blog post to go with it with some extra ideas so here it is! Here are things I would try to grab last minute for my loved ones.

Mom: For my mama I tend to grab her makeup sets because she loves beauty or I would grab a perfume set like this one here. She loves having a nice perfume and these sets are great because they come with either a lotion or body wash, etc, scented like the perfume. As an alternative, my mother really likes jewellery so I think anything from Pandora or Swarovski would make a great gift.

Dad: I would definitely grab my dad a Google Home Mini because he is very picky and the hardest person to shop for. I think this would be the perfect gift because they are available in store and are super affordable and definitely something he would use. As an alternative, my dad is a huge soccer lover so I tend to always grab him a jersey of his favourite team (Manchester United) each year and he gets tons of use from it.

Boyfriend: My boyfriend loves his PS4 so no matter what I would grab him a subscription to Playstation online so he can play FIFA and I would pair it with either a nice Gear S3 Classic smart watch or the wireless Gear IconX headphones. Anything that’s tech related is right up his alley. If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, make a basket for him with some shirts he’d like, throw in a baseball cap or two and then add some video games.

Girlfriend: I don’t have a girlfriend but if I did I would probably grab her a nice Glam Glow skincare box set and add any Bath N Body Works Candle to it because who doesn’t love a good candle. I would also do this same type of gift for my sister most likely because its very versatile.

Best friend: For my best friend I would probably grab her a nice plumping lipgloss like this one from Too Faced and pair it with a box full of her favourite candy. My friends and I tend to stick with smaller budgets for each other when shopping for Christmas.

Sister: For sister, once again I would do roughly the same type of present I would do for a girlfriend. My sister personally loves candles and beauty so anything that is makeup or skincare related would be a great present. I do personally love the box sets that Benefit sells each year with mini versions of their products in certain themed boxes like this one here. I always tend to add a gift card for her favourite restaurant in the gift as well.

Brother: My brother is not too hard to shop for because he’s a very simple guy so I tend to grab him a nice shirt or two (try stores like Bluenotes, Cotton On, H&M, etc) and I add a Visa gift card with it as well. He doesn’t like anything too specific and I find that guys are a bit harder to shop for compared to girls so this always seems to do the trick.

That’s pretty much it! I hope this helped you out and gave you some ideas. If you’re looking for more trinket like gifts try checking here for some cool add ons!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! xx



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