A Short Stop In Shanghai

With all the luggage we had to bring back with us from Australia, we honestly didn’t even want to travel anywhere; we just wanted to get home. It’s exhausting carrying around 7 bags of luggage… It was the most annoying thing ever. But we decided it would be best to explore a little more of the Earth while we were over on that side of it so we booked our trips. While travelling we were able to see a bit of Shanghai but really didn’t take any photos because it was FREEZING (coming from Australia, the difference in temperature was killing us) and we didn’t have any winter clothes with us. We just stayed indoors and tried some different food. We will be planning a trip back one day (we really want to see the Disney park there!) but when it’s a LOT warmer. I hate travelling places in the winter time because I hate wearing a coat and being bundled up, it just makes me feel all claustrophobic and drives me nuts. (I would honestly pay for a locker at the local mall just to store my coat while I shop if I didn’t have Brandon there to carry it around for me hahahah).

Have any of you ever been to Shanghai and if so, what were your favourite things to see and do?!